About Us.
Today, our company "Trust Medical Travel" has many contacts with leading clinics both in Russia and abroad. We cooperate with the best specialists and work in all key areas of medical tourism: from comprehensive diagnostics to plastic surgery.
Наше агентство открыто к взаимовыгодному сотрудничеству с клиниками, больницами, санаториями и медицинскими кластерами на всей территории Российской Федерации
Why it is beneficial to contact us for help in finding the right organization:
We direct clients to those clinics where the level of technical equipment and innovative methodological developments have the most progressive indicator in the required direction.
Medical tourism always assumes that the best specialists in the relevant medical field will deal with the client's problem.
Often the disease does not allow you to wait, and the bureaucratic system of official bodies is extremely slow.
We are looking for the most acceptable option of targeted medical care, based on the wishes and real financial capabilities of the client.
We select the clinic and target specialists for a particular client, taking into account all available factors, including the medical information provided and personal preferences.
Аgency "Trust Medical Travel" medical tourism allows everyone to receive qualified, and most importantly - targeted assistance in an objectively minimal time. Our main advantage is that medical tourism is the key and only direction of our activity.

We are well aware of the specifics of Russian and foreign healthcare. Our experts have the proper education and experience, which is why we carefully, efficiently and efficiently carry out our work, which is guaranteed to meet the highest requirements. With us you can save energy, money and time, and the best will take care of your health.
    What we offer to our customers:
    A wide range of medical services in the best clinics and resorts in Russia
    Professional help in choosing a place of medical care
    Support from the first step to the end of treatment
    Saving time at all stages, starting with the problem of choosing a medical institution
    and ending with queues in the classrooms.
    Individual approach to each client
    Additional services aimed at improving the comfort of your trip
    We help you save time - find a clinic and a specialist who is best versed in this problem and is guaranteed to help with its solution. You can always clarify any nuance with a consultant who will accompany you individually. Our mission is to provide you with quality treatment, and we have only one goal - to relieve you of health problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.