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Artificial disc replacement (ADR) or full disc replacement (TDR) is a type of arthroplasty. This is a surgical procedure in which degenerative intervertebral discs in the spine are replaced with artificial devices in the lumbar (lower) or cervical (upper) spine. The procedure is used to treat chronic, severe back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. Artificial disc replacement has been developed as an alternative to spinal fusion to reduce or eliminate pain, while allowing movement throughout the spine.
The main indication for endoprosthetics is a hernia of the spine (pinching of the spinal nerve as a result of degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc). Such surgical treatment is indicated under the following conditions: long-term syndrome of "lower back pain" (pain between the gluteal folds and the twelfth pair of ribs); intervertebral hernia (decrease in height and violation of the structure of the intervertebral disc, which caused displacement of the vertebrae with pinched nerve); foraminal stenosis (narrowing of the root openings of the spine).
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The benefits of spinal replacement.

Spinal mobility is maintained. This ensures the movement of the operated segment, which reduces the degeneration of the adjacent segment and avoids potential complications of arthrodesis such as pseudoarthrosis.

The prosthesis is very stable in location, which even allows you to return to sports; long-term effect of treatment; vertebral wear is prevented.
Quick recovery of health, this is the speedy return of the patient to normal life. Improving the quality of life.

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