Cardio Surgery.

Surgery is an important branch of medicine that works with chronic and acute diseases requiring surgical intervention. Also, surgery in most cases is necessary for serious injuries, in particular for fractures.
Unfortunately, in many people, surgery is associated with hopelessness and causes mixed feelings up to frank fear. In fact, modern surgical techniques that are used in the best clinics in Russia suggest a quick and high-quality solution to any problem with the least possible discomfort for the patient.
Of course, much depends on the individual characteristics of a particular situation. However, we do offer medical tours to the best Russian, in particular Moscow clinics, which are equipped with innovative equipment and have staff who differ not only in their impeccable qualifications, but also in their long history of successful practice coupled with the skills of modern methods and techniques.
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Turning to us, you can count on the help of the best specialists of the country, who are often contacted by medical tourists from abroad. The clinics we work with perform operations in the following areas:

  • Diagnostic operations: used to make a diagnosis (in some situations, this is the only one hundred percent method).
  • Radical operations: this is a set of surgical measures aimed at the complete elimination of pathology.
  • Palliative surgery: this is a special type of surgical intervention aimed at short-term improvement of the patient's condition.