Dental services
from experienced professionals

Dental services
from experienced professionals

Our advantages

Modern equipment
Our clinic uses the latest German dental equipment, which has all the necessary certificates and licenses.
Qualified Dentists
Our specialists have higher professional education
and high qualifications.
First consultation for free
In our clinic you can get the first consultation and diagnosis of the oral cavity for free, as well as discuss recommendations and possible treatment options.
Flexible payment system
We provide the opportunity to pay for dental services on credit, and discounts for privileged categories of citizens.

Our services

We offer our clients all types of aesthetic and medical dentistry
Emergency dental care
- Help with acute toothache
- Help with a dental abscess
- Restoration of a broken or knocked out tooth
- Treatment of infections of the oral cavity and teeth
- Removing a wisdom tooth
Терапевтическая стоматология
- Preventive and diagnostic consultations
- Diagnosis of the oral cavity to detect gingivitis
- Other dental services
Pediatric dentistry
- Consultations and diagnostics of the oral cavity
- Children's orthodontics
- Treatment of gum disease
Cosmetic dentistry
- teeth whitening
- Veneers and dental implants
- Ceramic crowns and bridges

For teeth whitening

Only until February 25th. Hurry up and find a snow-white smile for half the price!
Testimonials from our patients
I was always worried and expected the worst before visiting the dentist, but the visit to the doctor in the clinic was calm and painless.
Мария Сафронова
The best clinic in the city! Usually I get very tense before visiting the dentist, but this time it was unfounded, the doctor explained everything to me and was very neat and attentive.
Ketil Larson
I called the clinic when I broke a tooth. The doctor took me in an hour and a half! The tooth was restored quickly and painlessly, thanks Anastasia Viktorovna!
Алексей Лавочкин
I have been going to this clinic with my whole family for several years, we are very pleased. It is nice to have a personal doctor who knows all your dental problems and resolves them quickly.
Kevin Bolton