In recent years, the number of oncological diseases has increased worldwide. We do not talk about the causes of this phenomenon, but help people cope with the disease.
The problem of cancer identification is that obvious symptoms appear only when the pathology goes into the active stage. A disease can develop for weeks and months, while a person will not even feel a slight malaise.
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Of course, much depends on the individual characteristics of a particular situation. However, we do offer medical tours to the best Russian, in particular Moscow clinics, which are equipped with innovative equipment and have staff who differ not only in their impeccable qualifications, but also in their long history of successful practice coupled with the skills of modern methods and techniques.
Symptoms that may indicate the presence of a cancerous tumor:

  • Weight loss. We are talking about a rapid and causeless change in metabolism, as a result of which a person gets rid of extra and not only kilograms within a few weeks.
  • Fatigue. This symptom resembles chronic fatigue syndrome, but unlike the latter, it occurs even with a regular eight-hour sleep, accompanied by general weakness.
  • Prolonged subfebrile condition. In the early stages of the development of the disease with the suppression of the immune system, a steady increase in temperature almost always occurs around 37 degrees. In later stages, a fever occurs.
  • Taste violation. The most common option is a feeling of aversion to protein-rich foods. Other sudden and unreasonable changes in taste are also possible.
  • Pain in the lymph nodes. This symptom most often occurs after drinking alcohol and indicates a cancerous pathology of the lymphatic system.
  • Discoloration of the skin. With the development of cancer, skin integuments can suffer, they acquire a pale, icteric or grayish tint.

Such symptoms are not a 100% guarantee of the presence of oncology, even in combination. However, in no case should you lose sight of them! It is very important to diagnose cancer on time and begin treatment as soon as possible, the lion's share of success depends precisely on the timeliness of the measures taken.

  • surgery;
  • chemotherapy and hormone therapy;
  • radiation treatment methods.
Radiation therapy is especially popular today, since current technology allows for high-intensity exposure precisely on the affected area. Often, radiosurgical techniques make it possible to remove the tumor inoperatively, becoming a much more productive option compared to traditional surgery. Moreover, irradiation allows you to fight tumors that are physically very difficult to reach, or they are too small.

We work with clinics that use innovative approaches in their practice, including cyber-knife, gamma-knife, tomotherapy, proton therapy and True Beam (hypofractional radiation therapy). These are modern high-tech methods that are characterized by increased safety and effectiveness, not available with other treatment options.