Plastic surgeons are addressed to find harmony between face and body, to eliminate the external manifestations of aging through surgical interventions and cosmetic procedures.

Various procedures and operations — both with and without dramatic changes in appearance — are performed in specialized clinics in Russia.
The demand for plastic surgery is justified by a number of technological breakthroughs, which today allow qualified specialists to completely eliminate defects or deformations of surfaces, tissues and organs of the human body through surgical intervention.
We offer the best plastic surgeons in the country who have the proper techniques, extensive experience in successful practice and the most modern equipment. The clinics to which we refer our clients are often visited by medical tourists from abroad, because the quality of the services offered meets the highest standards and the prices are objectively affordable. We offer specialists in the following areas:
Mastopexy (breast lift): adjusts the position of the mammary glands, which can lower with age or during feeding the baby.

Breast augmentation: one of the most popular procedures for increasing breast volume through implant placement.

Breast reduction: a section of mammoplasty that allows you to reduce the total volume of the breast and improve its shape (often performed with a lift).

Rhinoplasty: a set of surgical procedures that allows you to adjust the shape of the nose after injuries (or due to birth defects).

Facelift: during the operation, all signs of aging are removed, in particular wrinkles, nasolabial folds, local sagging skin.

Blepharoplasty: changing the shape of the eyelids by excising excess fatty tissue and skin integument.

Liposuction (lipoplasty): a type of bariatric surgery aimed at correcting (in particular, removing) fatty deposits in certain parts of the body.

The level of development of plastic surgery in Russia complies with leading international standards. Appeal to the best specialists in a specific direction allows you to get the aesthetic result that you need.
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Despite the fact that overall plastic surgery is a rather expensive service, we always choose clinics based on the wishes of the client and his financial capabilities. It is important to note that in Russia the prices for plastic surgeries are significantly lower than in most other countries, while the level and quality of surgeries is almost higher.